Terms & Conditions

Exams-Help aims to deliver high-quality academic assistance to students. We believe in respecting our clientele and serve with utmost honesty. Our code of conduct and work ethics empowers us to serve the best to our clients. Following are our official terms and conditions to comply with clients during service tenure.

  • The clients are incharge and entitled to grant the company with login code, credentials and access to data via the duo push app, email forwarder or text message. If the client fails to do so, the company will not be held responsible for any errors brought during the login code session to access the book.
  • The clients are entitled to first consult with their respective experts before committing any work with a tight deadline. Since the assigned expert must need his time to evaluate the detail and get to work upon receiving the order.
  • The Exams-Help is not liable for any in-person physical appearance through Video, audios or photos nor work submissions in the client's academic institution.
  • The company will not be held liable or responsible for the client's absence from exam after taking our learning/ preparatory material, failure of arranging proper equipment, insufficient internet speed( at least 50 Mbps), login credentials, course materials or institutional information etc.
  • The company will not be held responsible if the clients fail to submit assigned work or documents to their institute incharge after receiving it from our end.
  • The company is solely responsible for exam preparation of the clients. Incase of any mishap, technical problem, hardware/software issues, internet, email, login credentials, electronic or phonic/computational errors occurred during or before the exam, the company would not be held responsible for it.
  • The customer is liable to get in touch with the customer care team even incase of traveling to follow up on the order progression and expert activities.
  • Any order placed on Friday or weekend will not be completed or facilitated before Monday except for the work orders discussed with assigned consultants to be submitted on tight deadlines.
  • If the consultant requests for any book, the clients are liable to arrange either a soft or electronic copy and share with the consultant. Moreover, if any book is deemed appropriate online by the expert, the company reserves the right to purchase it on client’s behalf.
  • The fees involved for book purchasing will be paid by the clients. Additionally, if the book is available only in print version, the client must share images from specific pages upon the assigned consultant’s request. The company would not be held responsible if assignment or exam notes do not meet the high standards because of book unavailability.