Our Policies

Our refund or money back policies are solely designed to facilitate our huge clientele based on our duties and responsibilities towards serving them. We have an entire legal department dedicated to authorize and decide the deductible or refundable amount to cashback claims. Most of the refunded claim amounts vary as per different cases.

Exams-Help Refund Policies
  • At Exams-Help, we request all the clients to go through our refund policies prior to placing an order so that we shall not be held responsible for any misunderstanding in future from client’s end.
  • We are liable to refund the entire 100% order amount if the work is not delivered or the company refuses to deliver the work.
  • Refund claims proposed within a month of order placement shall only be considered.
  • Exams-Help reserves the right to deduct a certain amount from the client’s order payment in account of service charges if the company has offered any.
  • The client is liable and bound to show and submit accurate evidence proving the cashback claim legit.
Refund Claim Requests Valid During Following Service Delivery Deadlines
  • The clients are liable to claim their refund if the work delivered crosses more than 30% non-plagiarized work.
  • Clients are liable to request a refund if the work delivered by the company is not suited as per the topic.
  • Clients are only liable to post cashback claims after taking two revisions by the company and still dissatisfied with the quality.
  • The clients must have to at least wait for a month for refund after claiming cashback as it is the standard timeline for conducting overall scrutiny of the work delivered.
  • Minor to major correction requests from clients end will be counted as revisions and subjected to deduction from client’s refunded amount.
  • Clients will have to face serious legal actions upon contract violation such as contacting any third party be it law agency, payment merchant or bank before our company will be counted as contract violation.
  • Any client who tries to damage our reputation over fake claims or campaigns against our policies will face severe legal regulatory action from the company's end.